About Just XJS

Andy Harvey has been involved in XJS’s since the mid 90’s but started to sell used spares in 2007 to supplement the restoration costs of his XJS coupe.

Since then the business has grown rapidly and branched out into small restorations and repairs.

Also procuring basically sound cars which require attention, bringing them up to MOT standard and ironing out all the problems so they can provide reliable every day transport.

Services provided by Just XJS:

  • Provision of top quality used XJS spares, fully tested on the donor car before removal,
  • worldwide distribution.
  • Light restoration, servicing and repairs.
  • Free technical advice, not only from Andy but also from a network of customers, friends and
  • associates who have become an integral part of the business.
  • Pre purchase Inspection of cars for prospective buyers.
  • Inspection, purchase, and restoration of cars specified by customers.